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Teach your students to think for themselves

Far North Coast Catholic Schools Welcome!

21st century classrooms need distinctly 21st century teaching pedagogy and methods. A key part of ensuring this happens is the provision of targeted professional learning for teachers.

Great Engaging PD - can’t wait to start on our classes. Great resources.
— Elizabeth Coggan, Jane Hicks, Jo Socha Year 5/6 and 3/4 teachers, St. Bernards Primary School, Batemans Bay
Terrific ideas to add to our school improvement plan.
— Niklei Nores Infants Coordinator, St. Patrick’s Primary School, Wallsend
Very useful. Great balance between theory and practical.
— Nicole Doherty, Holy Family ELC

Catholic schools already on board

All the Catholic schools - in part or in full - who have participated in Minds Wide Open training and/or are actively using the Minds Wide Open Program and classroom resources.

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FAR NORTH COAST Design Thinking, PBL & CCT Workshops


Ocean Shores

Friday October 26
Ocean Shores Country Club


Saturday October 27
Lismore Workers Sports Club


Minds Wide Open trains and equips teachers to implement learning that promotes critical thinking, empathy, creativity, resilience, collaboration and problem-solving ability.

As classroom teachers embed Contemporary and Authentic Learning practices into their lessons students will require specific skills and dispositions for Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving if they are to engage actively and purposefully in their learning.

At Minds Wide Open our professional learning courses and classroom resources recognise that students learn authentically when they:

  • accept responsibility and take initiative for their learning

  • think critically, flexibly, creatively and compassionately

  • make informed and just decisions

At Minds Wide Open we recognise that teachers teach authentically when they:

  • utilise a range of effective pedagogies
  • develop a culture of critical thinking enabling students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • connect the knowledge of learners with relevant, real life experiences.

For example, in our 5-hour NESA-endorsed course – ‘Minds Wide Open: Critical and Creative Thinking Across the Curriculum’ – teachers are shown how to develop critical and creative thinking capability in their students so they are able to engage deeply in authentic learning tasks across the learning areas. And through the explicit teaching of dispositions teachers can empower their students to become lifelong learners, who contribute to society, and the wider world, as active and discerning citizens.

And in our other 5-hour NESA-endorsed course – ‘Design Thinking Across the Curriculum: Deeper Learning through Real-World Projects’ - we recognise that students learn authentically when they:

  • engage in work that is rigorous and challenging;
  • make connections between the material being learned, and their own lives and experiences;
  • exercise choice as they pursue their own passions and interests;
  • apply knowledge and skills creatively in a range of situations.
Everything was amazing. We have come away with a whole school program which links in with our school vision SIP Plan and student well-being. LOVED IT! Thanks so much!
— Kate Wilson, St. Patrick’s Primary School, Wallsend
An excellent workshop that gave me many strategies and resources to embed CCT skills in my school. Thank you.
— Danielle Reed, Assistant Principal, St. Columban's School, Mayfield
This is without doubt the best professional development I have ever attended. I feel empowered with the knowledge and resources to implement the program into my school tomorrow.