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Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking Across the Curriculum

Creativity & Critical Thinking

Creativity & Critical Thinking: Key Competencies for the 21st Century

CCT Flex

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Across the Curriculum: Deeper Learning through Real World Projects

Quality Classroom Teaching

Quality Classroom Teaching

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2 modules per course. Each module is 2.5 hours.

Full Day: Complete your full course in one session on a staff day or a Saturday

Part Days: Complete over two or more after school sessions

We do not offer an option for any less than one module. Two modules of the one course must be complete in order to get your NESA approved hours.

Flexibility Options

CCT Flex: Offers flexible delivery and hours according to your requirements. Contact us for more information.

What if I want to do Design Thinking only?

That’s OK. It is not compulsory to do CCT first, or at all. It’s very easy to go back to CCT and fill in gaps if you feel that’s appropriate.


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There are substantial physical and digital teaching and classroom resources included in the price.

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Travel cost is calculated at $1.50 per Km (one direction) from MWO headquarters at 316 Malton Road North Epping. Often this is waived if location is in metropolitan Sydney.

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