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Teach your students to think for themselves

A nation’s most valuable commodity is its human capital.

We are solely about making a prudent investment in our children now so that when they are adults they will be more able than previous generations to adapt, create and problem solve their way to a fairer and wealthier society and a healthier planet.



Critical and Creative Thinking

Teach your students to think for themselves

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Design Thinking

Prepare your students now to thrive in the future


Portal for teachers already on board with the Minds Wide Open Critical and Creative Thinking Program


Media Centre

All the classic Minds Wide Open videos in one place.

What are the differences between Critical and Creative Thinking and Design Thinking?

Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) is for teaching kids to think for themselves and be more resilient, Design Thinking (DT) is for helping kids complete tasks and solve problems in structured ways.

CCT is preparing students with skills, strategies and dispositions. DT is utilising those skills, strategies and dispositions to self-manage their tasks and projects.


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