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Teach your students to think for themselves

A nation’s most valuable commodity is its human capital.

We are solely about making a prudent investment in our children now so that when they are adults they will be more able than previous generations to adapt, create and problem solve their way to a fairer and wealthier society and a healthier planet.



We are Minds Wide Open. 

We are Minds Wide Open, an education social enterprise that provides training and inspiration for teachers through joy - stories, content, art and entertainment.
We look after others how we hope they would look after us, through kindness and patience, treating people as the individuals they are, are but never at the cost of our own souls.

We earn the trust of teachers, parents and students by giving something of value to them before we ever ask for anything back.
We provide educational products and services at a fair price, which hopefully makes the lives of students, parents and teachers a little happier and fulfilled.

We care deeply about revenue. Weird statement, right? Revenue is the means for us to continue our work. So why not be a charity then? For all charities, no revenue means no social improvement. When you're a charity, you are at the mercy of the generosity of society, propped up by government grants. Teaching teachers is not cheap. Nor should it be; we live in a society where used car salesmen are rewarded more for selling depreciating assets than those responsible for children, our greatest appreciating assets.
We care about revenue so we can grow and do our part to make society better. After all, what's the one thing every leader - ever - has in common? They were all once children.

From policy makers to CEOs, judges, politicians and powerful influencers, these people shape our world. We are teaching the next generation of leaders today... right now... let's teach them to think for themselves, to learn how to learn, to be resilient and aware, to have morals and ethics, to contribute to mankind and make the world a better place!


Meet your new teacher

Specialist Critical and Creative Thinking, Design Thinking and Project Based Learning classroom teacher

Creator of critical and creative thinking and design thinking teaching resources

Designer of the Minds Wide Open CCT and DT program

Presenter of the workshop 'Critical & Creative Thinking Across the Curriculum'

Presenter of the workshop 'Design Thinking Across the Curriculum: Deeper Learning through Real-World Projects'

Author of the online course 'Creativity & Critical Thinking: Key Competencies for the 21st Century'

All James Phelps workshops NESA and TQI approved





James Phelps is a highly experienced classroom teacher who has created an array of evidence-based learning activities and teaching tools that primary and middle school educators can use to foster essential 21st century competencies.

From over 24 years experience in schools he has designed an innovative teaching program called Minds Wide Open (aligned to the Australian Curriculum) whereby students are taught explicitly how to think critically and creatively and to solve problems and design solutions. His program is currently being used in over 500 schools in Australia and beyond.

James has trained and advised over 4000 educators on how to integrate and embed FUTURE-FOCUSED LEARNING, CCT and DT/PBL into their school plans and classroom routines and programs. On these topics he has spoken at the IOnTheFuture conference, the Community Languages conference at University of Sydney, the Inspire Innovate conference at ANZ Stadium. James has also conducted training seminars for educators in Finland and Norway.

James presents NESA/TQI approved professional learning workshops in schools across metropolitan areas and in regional cities and is excited to bring his hands-on workshop to your school.



Thank you for your generosity and time spent on creating exemplary usable resources for classroom teachers!
— Year 3-6 Teacher, Northern Sydney
James was very knowledgeable. Every question was answered with evidence, experience, statistics and research.
— Year 5/6 Teacher, Canberra



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