Active 'Buzzing' Learners Pt. 3

I had a discussion with a primary teacher recently whose school had tried one of the latest buzzword programs (at great expense). Her evaluation of the program? “The kids found it as boring as bat sh!t.” (her words not mine)

When students come to school we want them buzzing with excitement, engaging with their learning. So here’s my new buzzword for 2018: “active learners”. (I'm sorry, it's like sugar, I know it's bad but I can't help it)

Active Learners. I like that. Makes sense. Sounds 21st century. It even has a certain… buzz… to it.

I believe it is quite easy to turn passive learners into buzzing active learners: Teach them how to think critically and creatively and then they will apply those skills across all areas at school and beyond.

Are your students too passive? This is what critical, creative and design thinking skills can do for them. (Feel the buzz in these unsolicited comments from teachers!):

🐝 "Already implementing the CCT program! Kids love it and I have already seen a change in the kids!"

🐝 “My students have really benefited from engaging in critical and creative thinking time and I have seen many changes in how my students have developed their skills in problem solving, collaborating, generating ideas and adapting their ways of thinking.”

🐝 “The course gave us so many practical things to do at a classroom level with our students. And the students are so engaged by the concepts! I am starting to hear them all use the CCT language. Words like "risk-taker" and "open-minded" are starting to enter their vocabulary in many learning areas, which is amazing.”

🐝 “My class is already enjoying CCT every day - we started with the Rainbow Thinking test, and have been doing CCT Crunches (which they LOVE) for weeks!”

🐝 “I completed your CCT course last year and had a massive improvement with all my students. Thank you!”

🐝 “One of my Kindergarten students told her parent that what she hopes to achieve this year are Captain Disposition's dispositions for learning - and then proceeded to name them!”

🐝 "I have already implemented Captain Disposition and the CCT Crunches into my Year 6 class. The kids are really responding positively and they love the songs!!"

🐝 “I've started implementing the Crunches in class and my students can't get enough of them!”

🐝 “I've been implementing CCT in the classroom since the course and the kids have CCT Crunches and Captain Disposition in their brains. They love it!

🐝 “The kids like the structure and process of working through the Coloured Thinking Caps. It’s so amazing hearing the students talking about their own thinking.”

🐝 “A whole new process of thinking! Caine’s Arcade expo was outstanding; Captain Disposition; the incredible songs and resources. The kids love CCT!”

🐝 “Students are becoming more open minded and adventurous in their learning and approach tasks with more flexibility. They are developing patience and persistence with challenging tasks. I have noticed an increase in the ability to make connections during learning, and understand learning as a ubiquitous construct.”

🐝 “The acquisition of CCT dispositions is becoming more and more visible in all K-6 students and has positively impacted their approach to learning tasks.”

🐝 “It’s fantastic to hear the kids talk about how they are demonstrating a disposition or congratulate their peers for being like Captain Disposition.”

🐝 “My students are taking ownership and starting to use their mistakes as learning opportunities.”

🐝 “The common language of The Seven Dispositions is really powerful across the whole school. And Kindergarten love Captain Disposition!”

So let me get this straight... Buzzword programs either are evidence based but as 'boring as bat $h!t' or just plain ... (well you get the point) without any evidence (even if they say they do - most people never hold them to account, and they know this)

What if we were to take the bland-tasting and uninspiring 21st century “evidence-based” models and added some creative flair and design, and re-served them as a total and delicious learning experience for our students?

After all, teaching is both a science and an art.

That's why I work day and night working on this problem, it's a tiny social enterprise partnership I do with my family and everyday we're just trying to make the classroom a better place for everyone! It's so humbling to hear and see so many amazing comments from teachers, students, parents and principals - that's almost unheard of everyone being happy!!!!

I've done my job if I deliver PD without buzzwords and classroom resources that get students buzzing! 🐝🐝🐝

James Phelps
Researcher and Learning Designer

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