FREE MONEY! School parents can get up to $400 to put towards their children's participation in creative arts and digital design activities.

The NSW Government is encouraging 5 to 18 year olds to get creative with the ‘Creative Kids’ program.

Parents can apply for one $100 voucher for each child per year (up to four children). The voucher can be used to pay for participation costs such as tuition, registration, membership fees in any creative arts activity (eg drama, dance, vocal, instrument, band, choir) or in a creative technology activity like coding, robotics and digital design.

Parents can obtain vouchers here:

To use the voucher, parents simply give the details to the registered Creative Kids activity provider.

Parents can search for an approved, registered Creative Kids provider here:

If your preferred tutor/teacher is not listed, simply ask them to register as a Creative Kids provider at:

I'm thinking that schools could even utilise this scheme to fund their own extra-curricula programs by becoming a registered provider and getting parents to pay with Creative Kids vouchers, which the school then redeems.

This NSW government initiative is a great opportunity to further develop artistic, technology and cognitive skills in our young people. Please spread the word and give others the heads up!

(To save time, you're welcome to copy-paste-edit the above wording to put into your school newsletter or on your school website.)

Have a good week!

James Phelps