NSW Teachers to be taught wrestling techniques!

Teachers in NSW schools to be taught wrestling techniques because all teachers should pursue a professional combat career!

Have you ever thought about leaving teaching? Fancy a career change?

Former school teacher Jeff 'The Hornet' Horn left the classroom for the fight arena with great success - and a significant pay rise! 
So, is this the beginning of a mass exodus of teachers from the classroom into 'the ring'?

Training provided free by the Department of Education apparently. 😂

Read the article below.

Teachers to be taught WRESTLING techniques and how to block punches to combat surge in attacks from students

  • NSW Education Department has enlisted the help of Crisis Prevention Institute 

  • The CPI will train primary and secondary teachers in wrestling techniques 

  • Teachers will be taught how to put students in wrestling holds, block punches 

  • They will be taught leverage-based tactics designed to minimise harm  

  • Eighteen students from public schools were subdued in the first half of 2016 

Teachers are being taught how to put students in wrestling holds and how to block punches to combat a surge in violence in NSW classrooms.

The Department of Education has enlisted the help of US-based company Crisis Prevention Institute to train primary and secondary school teachers in wrestling techniques, a department spokesperson told Daily Telegraph.

The institute trains prison officers in controlling violent inmates and will teach leverage-based tactics designed to force agitated students into submission.

They will be taught how to hold violent students in order to move them from location to another without physically harming them.

'Any restraint should be only that which is reasonably necessary to prevent a real and immediate threat of injury or serious damage and where there is no other practical way of preventing the likely injury or damage,' the spokesman said.

Eighteen students from public schools were physically subdued in the first half of 2016, according to the department, with teachers being bitten and hit by children multiple times at one primary school. 

If a student tries to physically violate a teacher through a hold or a strike, the CPI trains them to block or dodge the punch and use leverage tactics which are not meant to be painful.

If all else fails, a teacher in crisis can call on a second teacher for help. 

'They (the student) might say 'I know where your car is' or 'I know your daughter is in year one'. Then it's time to call in a second teacher for support and evacuate the classroom,' CPI instructor Paula Elliott told the Telegraph. 

Teachers can also 'restrict the student's liberty of movement to minimise harm' if a student is intent on assault or self-harm, by adopting six techniques with increasing pressure.  

'The use of restraint is frowned on but sometimes it's necessary if the child is looking to self-harm or is a threat to their teacher or other children,' CPI Country Manager Peter Hickey said.

Teachers from both primary and secondary schools are being trained. 

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4678454/Teachers-NSW-schools-taught-WRESTLING-techniques.html

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