Teachers, tell it like it is! New national survey to collect data on front-line experiences of teachers.

FYI: The new Australian Teacher Workforce Data initiative (ATWD) is being implemented by AITSL in partnership with the federal Department of Education and Training, all state teacher regulatory authorities and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

The survey is for both new and experienced teachers. The data collected will be used to answer the following questions:

  • How many teachers do we have nationally and locally and what are they qualified to teach?

  • How many hours are spent on teaching, preparing to teach and non-teaching activities?

  • How many ITE students get jobs?

  • How effective is induction and early career support for new teachers?

  • What are the gaps in the qualifications and specialisations of the teaching pool?

  • What are the trends in relation to teaching loads and types of employment contracts?

  • How many teachers intend to retire or leave the profession and what factors influence their decision to leave?

But the bigger question has to be: What will this project achieve? From the AITSL website:

"It will provide a complete picture of the national teaching workforce, providing new insights into the teaching profession and identify how we can better support our teachers."

We can only hope.


James Phelps

You can take the survey here (10 mins):