Teachers, tell your students this good news

Teachers, tell your students the good news: they can shape their own future!

Have you ever thought about how hard it must be for our young people to remain optimistic - especially when they hear doomsday predictions of their future employment prospects?

Here is an imagined worst case scenario after the robots have taken all our jobs:

Theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku has a slightly less negative outlook: “The jobs in the future will be jobs that robots cannot do, i.e. jobs involving common sense, as well as jobs that involve intellectual capital and creativity - products of the mind.”

At Minds Wide Open we certainly agree with Kaku and disagree with the doomsdayers. We are convinced that Australia’s next generation doesn't need to become helpless hopeless victims of the robot/AI revolution. But more so, we agree with the Australian Curriculum’s optimistic and assertive approach - that by learning Design Thinking and complex problem solving skills students can be empowered to “create their own preferred futures”.

Find out how you can easily equip your students with design thinking and creative problem solving skills so they are empowered to “create preferred futures” - regardless of what the robots do!

At Minds Wide Open we believe two things:

·   that schools exist primarily to equip students with the skills to be able to make an income beyond school
·   that the skills we teach students now should be transferable and adaptable as old jobs disappear and new ones emerge.

James Phelps